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Marlin Marlin


Ever wondered what it is like to have 1000lbs Giant Black Marlin pulling you out of the Game Chair as the boat is backing down on a true giant of the ocean?

Imagine, the Crewman gives the leader (you) the angle, on the line anticipation brewing, then BOOM there she is in all her glory, dancing over the ocean. It really is an amazing experience to feel her power at the end of the line and witness how big these fish are! Mother Nature at her finest.

Well now it’s your chance!

Every September til December Giant Black Marlin come along the Queensland Coast to spawn, just on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef. There are more Giant Black Marlin fish caught over these three to four months than in the rest of the world for the entire year.

On your bucket list?

If this is on your bucket list (and it should be!) then this is the time to get on the phone and give Captain Chris Miles (aka Sharky) a call to lock in your trip of a life time.

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